Strength of Mind

Strength of Mind is dedicated to providing individualized and comprehensive behavioral health care for all ages through our expertise, quality of service and innovation.

Photo of our South Tulsa/Broken Arrow
office complex, where we host
TMS Therapy.

Strength of Mind began in 2004 with the purpose of providing a ready response to those in need of outpatient behavioral health care. Our goal is to make psychiatry innovative, effective and accessible to our community. By using diverse, personalized and comprehensive treatment methods we aim to meet a variety of patient’s needs at any age. We strive for excellence in our practice, services and infrastructure.
The TMS Therapy program we have developed is unique in its three-pronged approach to the treatment of depression. Our program includes the Magnetic Pulsation Brain Stimulation of TMS, Therapeutic Fitness, and Therapeutic Counseling. Our goal is to wake up the brain, wake up the body, and change the behavior.

TMS Therapy

The TMS Therapy treatment gives direct and absolute stimulation to the frontal lobe of the brain compelling the neurons to start firing. This moves through the circuits of the brain that lift mood and encourage ambition.

Therapeutic Fitness

Research shows that physical activity is a powerful tool in treating depression, and yet most of the time physical activity is the last thing a depressed brain wants a person to do. This leaves a depressed person listless, inactive, and out of shape. Our program’s one-on-one therapeutic fitness gets the body moving and boosts the recovery process.

TMS Therapy

During depression many bad habits and negative thoughts try to take over the mind. With TMS Treatment the brain is waking up and ready for positive change. Our program includes one-on-one counseling therapy to work towards building life skills and habits that are vital to a meaningful recovery.
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